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The Little Roswewood Casket



  1. Marty Robbins Lyrics. "The Little Rosewood Casket". There's a little Rosewood casket. Settin' on a marble stand. There's a package of love letters. Written by my true love's hand. Go and bring them to me, brother. Come and set upon my bed. Lay your head upon my pillow.
  2. The Little rosewood casket Alternate Title The little rosewood casket Contributor Names Cowell, Sidney Robertson (recordist) Hughes, Ruby (singer) Hughes, Oliver (singer) Created / Published Crossville, Tennessee.
  3. Little Rosewood Casket DESCRIPTION: The singer, dying for love, asks her sister to bring her love's letters, kept in the rosewood casket. Having heard them read, she prepares to die and asks that the letters, (ring), and other tokens be buried with her.
  4. Themes for The Rosewood Casket Grave of Nancy Ward (Nunyehi), the ghighau (wise woman) of the Cherokee In The Rosewood Casket, I wanted to talk about the passing of the land from one group to another, as a preface to the modern story of farm families losing their land to the developers in today's Appalachia.
  5. Oct 28,  · performance of the song Little Rosewood Casket. There are tons of things I could tell you about myself, but all you really need to know is I'm crazy in love with my home in Appalachia-the people, the food, the music, the colorful language, the sustainable lifestyle, the history, the soaring mountains, and the deep dark hollers.
  6. There's a little rosewood casket Resting on a marble stand With a package of love letters Written by my true love's hand Will you go and bring them, sister, Will you read them o'er to me I have often tried but could not, For through tears I could not see Read each precious line so slowly, That you may not miss a one For the precious hand that wrote them, His last work for .
  7. The little rosewood casket Contributor Names Hibbitt, George Whiting -- (recordist) Greet, William Cabell -- (recordist) Lunsford, Bascom Lamar (singer) Created / Published New York, New York.
  8. MARTY ROBBINS - JUST ME AND MY GUITAR Bear Family Records LSP\BFX The Little Rosewood Casket, often considered a folk song, was written by .
  9. Apr 05,  · There's a little rosewood casket That is resting on a stand An' a package of love letters Written by my loved ones hand VERSE 2 Go and bring them to me, darling Come an' set upon my bed Lay your head upon my pillow While each cherished line is read VERSE 3 Read them gently to me, Brother Read them till I fall asleep All th people weep in Heaven.

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